Hello! I’m Sara. I was diagnosed at 16 with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I am now 27 and these battles that I often face with my own mind still come a knockin’, but I am learning everyday, sometimes minute to minute, how to best handle and fight it.

This blog is a way to give you a glimpse into my life and even more so, my mind. Through this glimpse into my anxious mind I hope to help anyone struggling with their own mental illness and/or better understand a loved one’s internal battle.

I will never claim to have the answers for those similarly struggling because each person has a unique experience, but I can only write about my own and hope someone connects with my ramblings and insight.

P.S. This took me a while to write, and honestly, I might come back and change it over and over again because with my anxious mind, comes lots of over-thinking, and I’m not sure if I got across the correct tone–it sounds too much like a college essay.

P.S.S. I started to over-think the original P.S. and wondered if I should not include it and just be confident in my writing, but I’m leaving it. This is how my brain works and I’m gonna roll with it.

Author’s Note: Perhaps the P.Ssssss helped to convey the tone I wanted. Huzzah!

P.S.S.S  Or should I change it?!?