Surprise! I’m nervous about starting this blog.

How have people done this before?!!? How have writers with (and without) anxiety written about their feelings without second (third, fourth, fifth etc.) guessing everything on the page?! I mean, I know they have had revisions and edits, but how do they actually get to the point where they are ready to hand over their novel or memoir, or in this case hit submit? I’m creating a measly blog and I’m so indecisive and constantly second guessing every detail. Logically I know it doesn’t matter that much, as long as my writing is somewhat coherent, people will (hopefully) read it. Design just makes it aesthetically pleasing.  But, of course, I have to nitpick each thing and work in my perfectionist way to get it to a point where I’m ready to present it to the world. That’s how I am with most things I create. And how I often am in my life. I’m still learning to embrace the mess that I can be and not stress out about things that are beyond my control (but this blog is in my control!! ahh!)

hjsajf;sfhuewuwebjvnj;asfl;ehahjgnjk <—–this is where I stressed out. Work in progress, people.

First actually post will come later when I’m not mentally exhausted by just setting up blog and when I feel a bit more ready to share some deep shit.



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